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  The Steppes

The Steppes Office Campus is comprised of 2 low rise office buildings with a total of 75,000 square foot office space.  The property features a campus like environment incorporating multiple large green spaces and patios at all levels of the buildings along with lobby art galleries, water features and many sustainability or "green" building elements including;

      * high efficiency building envelope,

     * extensive day-lighting,

     * rainwater collection, treatment and reuse,

     * on-site storm water management,

     * operable windows,

     * geothermal heating and cooling,

     * advanced energy management systems,

     * and much more

The Steppes is currently rated by the BOMA Best building rating system as a level 4 building which is the highest level of performance in the BOMA Best rating system.  The Steppes is currently the only Level 4 rated building in the city of Edmonton.  Press Release

The Steppes recieved the Earth Award from BOMA in 2012 for the for the highest rated BOMA Best rated building in the city of Edmonton.  Press Release

BOMA BESt (Building Environmental Standards) is a national program launched in 2005 by BOMA Canada to address an industry need for realistic standards for energy and environmental performance of existing buildings based on accurate, independently verified information.


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Facilty optimization and operation is performed by our services division BLDG Services Group IncSelect this link to see other facilties managed by our BLDG Services Group 

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